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tv won’t turn on

-tv has pictures but no sound

-tv has sound but no picture

-cracked screen

-screen replacement

– Flickering screen

– Screen image disappears after several seconds

– Dim screen

– Slow start

– Power LED on, but no picture

– shuts down for no apparent reason

-No led on no picture or sound

-no picture or sound

-sound and no picture

– Unusual colors and/or lines

-Multi colored lines from top to bottom of picture.

-Spider lines extending from a localized point on the screen.
-The TV set or Projector is completely dead with no lights at all.

-The TV set or Projector won’t power up and is blinking the power light.

-The TV set or Projector is making a funny noise or smell.

-A particular input is not working on my projector or TV set.

-The TV set won’t tune in digital channels.

-The TV set has sound but no picture