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When it comes to dryer repair, there’s not a project that’s too big or too small for us to handle. We routinely handle all types of dryer repairs including:

Overheating dryers
Broken settings dial
Grinding, rattling, bumping, and squeaking sounds which could indicate serious problems
Machines that have become unstable and wobble while in use
Dryers that aren’t getting clothing completely dry, even after several cycles.
Dryers that are eating clothing
Strange odors
Malfunctioning display
Poor or excessive power use
Broken mechanisms
Faulty error

We won’t hesitate to provide you with an estimate in writing. We understand you’re going to use the cost of the repair, along with the age of your dryer, to determine if you should have it repaired or start shopping for a new dryer.. However, we can promise you will have get the best possible service for your dollar. We think you will be surprised by how affordable the repair job will be. And like most of our clients see the benefit of repairing your dryer.